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Reiss Motivation Profile™

Like a fingerprint, each human being has his individual motivation profile that shows information on the expression of the 16 basic desires. The Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) is a concrete, detailed image of a person’s individual basic desires, motives and values. When you know your own basic desires, it is possible to develop true value-based happiness and improve your performance in many areas of life.

Reiss Motivation Profile™

Self-hugging is a natural tendency to assume that our values produce the greatest happiness, not just for ourselves, but potentially for everybody. When people learn what makes them happy, they assume they have learned something about human nature, when in reality they have only learned about themselves.

Reiss Motivation Profile™

Only those who know themselves can lead others ethically and effectively

Succeed with the help of RMP Profile

Individuals succeed faster and more sustainably with Reiss Motivation Profile®

get to know others and yourself better

understand other peoples needs and desires

understand your intrinsic motivation

make better decisions

discover your individuality and live it

appreciate differences in people

find your hidden potential

get to know and understand what makes you happy

This is how you do it

One Questionnaire – 16 motives – One Way to Success

Step 1


Complete the online questionnaire. This will take about 20-30 minutes.

Step 2


You can directly see your personality profile, which will be  explained by your RMP Master in an feedback session.

Step 3


Let your personal Master explain and show how you can achieve your goals.

Application areas

Increase your efficiency in:


Improve your teambuiding!
What if you were already aware of the motivation and inner goals of your potential team members before compiling your team?


Find exactly the employees
who fit you!

What if, from the start, you have clarity about the impulses, values ​​and inner goals of your potential employees?


Get clarity about your professional development!
 What if you get motivated in the morning because you feel comfortable in your new job?

Personal development

Fullfill your goals
What if you know yourself so well that you can achieve your goals faster and more effectively?


Create an active and respectful partnership!
What would happen if you knew the impulses, values ​​and inner goals of your partner so well that you could understand him/her deeply?


Accelerate your path to a successfull discussion
What if you already had clarity about the concerns and inner goals of your customer before consulting?

Life planning

Get clarity for your future
What if you knew today where the “journey” can lead for you, because you know yourself so well that you could break free and live your life the way you are supposed to?


Optimize your athletic performance
What if you could get your full performance right when it counts?

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