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About RMP Nordic AB
RMP Nordic represents Reiss Motivation Profile in the Nordic countries Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland since 2012. We work as a direct licensee in close collaboration with IDS Publishing, as well as our closest partner companies RMP Switzerland, RMP Germany and RMP Portugal.
We believe it should be the right of every individual to discover their individual motives and values. We are committed to enhance the high quality use of Reiss Motivation Profile for this purpose in our region.
Mikael Leinsköld, CEO,
Nordic Countries, Partner.
Phone: +46 705284400
e-mail: mikael.leinskold@
Päivi Mayor, Partner,
RMP Finland
Phone: +358 400545747
e-mail:  paivi.mayor@
Kirsi Manelius,
RMP Finland
Phone: +358 405200049
e-mail: kirsi.manelius@
Daniele Gianella,
Phone: +41 418206155
e-mail: daniele.gianella@
Pia-Maria Thorén,
RMP Sweden
Phone: +46 763056134
e-mail: pia-maria.thoren@
Árelía Guðmunsdóttir,
RMP Iceland
Phone: +354 6600741
e-mail: arelia@
Anders Piper,
RMP Denmark
Phone: +45 25303535
e-mail: anders.piper@
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RMP Nordic AB
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Phone: +46 705 284400
E-Mail: info@rmp-nordic.com

Orgnr: 559037-6710

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